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Shipping Policy


  • Order cutoff: 11am EST
  • Order handling: 1-3 days
  • Order transit: 5-7 days
  • Free curbside shipping

Majority of our products are shipped via freight, which involves distinct delivery procedures compared to the regular UPS/Fedex shipments that customers are typically familiar with.

Shipping Process

Please expect an order confirmation email immediately after you place your order. At the same time, we will begin our fulfillment process.

On average, it takes us 1-3 days to dispatch your product. After that, your order will arrive within additional 5-7 days.

You will receive your order tracking information within 24 hours after we hand your order over to the delivery service. If you do not receive the tracking info within 3 days of the dispatch confirmation email, please contact us here:

All orders of $100 or more will automatically include shipping insurance.


Shipping Conditions

When placing your order through Ultimate Arcade Room, you are acknowledging that the product is able to fit through your doorway. The customer is responsible for any fees associated with returning the product if it does not fit through the doorway. 


It is the customer's responsibility to get the product from the truck to ground level, and then into the building.For heavier items, it is highly advised to have the necessary assistance on hand during delivery. The freight company will contact you via phone to arrange a delivery date and a four-hour time window. 

    Order Delays

    Order delays have proven to be unavoidable and outside of Ultimate Arcade Room's control. While this might be frustrating, we ask you to please be patient and understanding. If your order is delayed for more than 3 days over the 1-3 handling + 5-7 days transit period, please contact us at

    When Your Item is Delivered

    It is extremely important to inspect the item before accepting delivery. Check for:

    • Exterior Damage: Assess the packaging for any signs of damage.
    • Concealed Damage: Examine the item itself for any hidden damage.
    • Order Accuracy: Confirm that the received item precisely matches your order and includes all components.   Note any inconsistencies before signing.
    1. Examine every side of each box for any indications of damage, such as holes, tears, dents, etc. If the driver permits, proceed to open the package and inspect the item(s) inside.
    2. If the box is in good condition without any apparent damage, accept delivery. Prior to signing, include the note "possible concealed damage, pending inspection."
    3. If the box has visible damage, check the product inside.If the product itself seems undamaged or if minor damage can be repaired or requires a replacement part, consider accepting delivery. Note "Damage"on the receipt and specify any holes, tears, dents, or concerns before signing. Do not forget to take photos and contact us within 24 hours.
    4. If the product appears to be damaged beyond repair or requires multiple replacement parts, it's advisable to refuse delivery. Do not sign the delivery receipt and contact us within 24 hours.
    5. If both the box and the product are severely damaged. Open the boxes and thoroughly inspect the product while documenting the damage with photographs. Refuse delivery. Do not sign the delivery receipt and contact us within 24 hours.


    First off, please thorougly inspect the packaging of your item(s) when they arrive, if you notice any damage, you need to make note of it when signing for delivery. 

    This is very important!

    Please send photos of the damage, box, and SKU, along with a brief description of the damage to and we will process an insurance claim on your behalf. 

    Photos and videos must be sent for freight damage within 24 hours of arrival or the freight damage claim will not be valid. Any punctures or visible signs of exterior damage must be reported within 24 hours. 

    These steps below must be followed in order for the claim to be valid. No exceptions!

    1. Verify the information of the order on the delivery receipt and quantity of boxes. 

    • Ensure that the details on the delivery receipt correspond to the actual number of items received. Take note of any discrepancies prior to signing. 

    2. Take photos 

    • It is extremely important to take photos of any/all damages prior to accepting/refusing delivery. Without photos, the claim cannot be submitted. 

    3. We must be informed within 24 hours 

    • Failure to report damages or incomplete orders within 24 hours implies acceptance of the item "as is" by all relevant parties (manufacturer, distributor, and shipper). Consequently, you forfeit all rights to refunds, repairs, or replacements in accordance with freight insurance guidelines.

    4. Do not assemble the product 

    • Leave the product unassembled in the original packaging and wait for next steps from us. 

    5. Please refrain from discarding any damaged items or their packaging, this includes boxes, pallets, crates, etc. 

    • As per manufacturer and freight insurance regulations, products must be returned in their original packaging without any exceptions. Disposing of these items will forfeit your entitlement to returns, exchanges or replacements for missing parts.  

      Shipping Insurance 

      Every purchase of $100 or more automatically comes with shipping insurance. This means that if your item is damaged while being shipped, and you follow the steps above exactly, the supplier may replace or refund your purchase at no extra cost to you. 

      However, if you accept the delivery without noting any damage or missing items, you will forfeit your shipping insurance. In such cases, the manufacturer will not provide any refund or replacement. 

      If the claim is denied from the shipping company, we will not be able to issue a refund or replacement.  



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