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Champion The Championship Shuffleboard Table

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In 1988, Champion Shuffleboard transformed the industry with the introduction of the original "Lifetime Polymer" finish. This innovative coating, applied directly onto the Canadian Maple plank, ensures an exceptional playing surface that never needs refinishing.

Crafted with both players and operators in mind, our shuffleboards feature a built-in handicap feature. This not only enhances the gameplay experience but also accelerates playtime, leading to increased revenue generation.

At Champion Shuffleboard, we're more than just manufacturers; we're also avid players, dedicated to delivering top-quality shuffleboard experiences

Important Notice: Warranty-Protecting Installation

Please Note: To maintain the validity of your table's warranty, it is imperative that a professional installation is carried out by an installer approved by Champion. While you do retain the option to self-install or engage your preferred installer, it's vital to understand that unless they are approved by Champion, your warranty coverage will be rendered null and void.


  • Height: 30" to the top of the playfield.
  • Width: 31" without scoring unit; 36" with scoring unit
  • Weight: Approximately 50 lbs Per Foot 




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