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Gold Standard Tournament Pro Air Hockey Table Home Use

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The Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Air Hockey Table offers a fantastic entry point into commercial-grade air hockey, suitable for both arcades and family game rooms alike. With its robust construction, this table boasts a commercial-quality blower, ensuring optimal airflow across the playfield. Its low-profile, high-density aluminum rails facilitate precise bounce and bank shots. Crafted with a durable laminate playing surface, it is designed for competitive play. The U.S. Air Hockey Association fully endorses the Tournament Pro for sanctioned tournament play and has equipped it with a face-off circle for competitive gameplay.

This is not the coin op version

Color Availability:

Manual Scoring: Light Blue 

Side Scoring & Overhead Scoring: Dark Blue

Key Features of the Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Air Hockey Table:

  • Professional-grade, low-profile, high-density aluminum rails ensure optimal bounce and bankability.
  • Commercial-quality cabinet and leg construction for long-lasting durability under heavy use.
  • Championship-level air flow is provided by the commercial blower.
  • Special wear-resistant laminate top for extended lifespan.
  • Centerline and face-off circles enhance competitive gameplay.
  • The table offers both speed and stability during play.
  • Heavy-Duty, Player-Friendly Goal Construction makes sure the process goes smoothly.
  • Ultra-sturdy, professional-quality table design.
  • Fully Endorsed for Tournament Play by the U.S. Air-Hockey Association (USAA).
  • The package includes: (2) pucks, (2) mallets, and assembly instructions.

    Features on Tournament Pro Air Hockey with Overhead Scoring Only: 

    • The overhead scoring unit introduces an innovative player-selectable push button, allowing players to switch between white overhead light or black light, enhancing gameplay versatility.
    • Puck emits a vibrant glow under black light, adding excitement to the gaming experience.
    • Scores are prominently displayed on the overhead unit, ensuring easy tracking during matches.

    Features of Tournament Pro Air Hockey with Side Scoring Only: 

    • The table is equipped with an electronic scoring unit positioned on the side.
    • Scores are showcased on the side-mounted scoring unit.

    Features of Tournament Pro Air Hockey with Manual Scoring Only:

    • The table features a manual scoring abacus mounted on the side of the table. 


    7 Ft

    L: 85.75 

    W: 45.5

    H: 31

    Weight: 345 lbs

    8 Ft

    L: 99.5

    W: 51.25

    H: 32

    Weight: 550 lbs

    8 feet with overhead scoring

    L: 99.5

    W: 51.25

    H: 72

    Weight: 600 lbs

    Owner's Manual

    • Click here for owner's manual