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ICE Games Alley Roller - Ice Ball Pro

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Introducing ICE Ball Pro, the leading alley roller game on the market. With over 50 enhancements from its predecessor, ICE Ball, this game sets a new standard in the realm of alley rollers. Completely redesigned and enjoyable for all ages, ICE Ball Pro is the perfect addition to your home arcade.

Drawing from 40 years of gaming expertise, ICE has combined classic gameplay with modern innovation to create an instant favorite. Standard LED lighting ensures that ICE Ball Pro stands out in any room, while five exciting game modes offer hours of entertainment for up to four players.

With a multitude of improvements over the arcade classic ICE Ball, ICE Ball Pro reigns as the premier game of its kind. From sleek design built to endure years of play to synchronized multicolor LED lighting effects, every aspect has been meticulously crafted for the ultimate gaming experience.

Your choice of color for the cabinet, balls, graphics, and playfield.

Explore the following thrilling game modes:

  • ARCADE: The classic alley roller game where players aim to score as many points as possible with nine balls.
  • First To Zero: Compete to reach zero first by subtracting points with each ball thrown.
  • Fast N Accurate: Test your speed and accuracy to score the highest points within the time limit.
  • Cricket: Adapted from the classic dartboard game, players aim to hit each hole three times to win.
  • Combo Bonus: Master accuracy by hitting the same pocket multiple times in a row to earn bonus multipliers in this ICE Ball Pro classic.


  • Weight: 350 pounds
  • Master Dimensions: 120.00 in X 30.00 in X 80.00 in
  • Shipping weight: 468 pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions90" L x 33" W x 63"H
  • Ships on 2 pallets

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