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Shelt Electronic Dartboard - Shelti Eye 2

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Stay ahead of the game with the Shelti Eye 2 electronic dartboard, a preferred choice among league players nationwide. Now available for home use, the Eye 2 offers the same immersive playing experience and performance as our tavern-style game, minus the need for coins. Its hinged cabinet design allows for convenient folding, making transport and installation a breeze. Featuring an attractive overhead scoring unit, a brightly lit LCD display, and a variety of pre-programmed dart games, the Eye 2 is perfect for those seeking to bring the excitement of league play to their home. Proudly made in the USA.

Included with the Eye 2:

  • 6 Darts
  • 100 Tips
  • Stability Kit
  • Throw Line
  • Warranty Registration
  • Instruction Manual

Key Features for Home & Coin-Op:

  • Fold-in-Half Transportability: Hinged ¾” plywood cabinet design for easy setup, breakdown, and transport.
  • Universal 110 Volt Light Fixture: Optimal light distribution on the target for easy maintenance.
  • Highly-Visible Overhead Scoring: Forward-facing display tipped at 8 degrees for clear viewing by players and spectators.
  • Dot matrix display area provides instructions and communicates achievements.
  • Multiple Games and Options: Includes classic games like “01” and Cricket, as well as popular options like Wipe Out and Rapid Fire.
  • High-precision -TRU-SCORE for Accurate Scoring
  • T-Molding Covering All Exposed Edges
  • Throw Line Indentation Present on Both Sides
  • Featuring Diamond Plate Surface
  • Equipped with Leg Levelers
  • Storage Access Door
  • The front access door with a locking mechanism offers convenient storage space for darts, additional tips, and accessories.
  • Both Automatic and Manual Player Change Options
  • Customizable settings include delay timers for automatic and manual player transitions. The new electronic player change button is designed without any moving components


Key Features for Coin-Op Only:

  • Cutting-edge Design with Support for Current Features and Displays
    • The forward-thinking design incorporates hardware support for existing features and displays, along with SD (Secure Digital) Flash Memory and MMC (Multi-Media Card) Flash Memory, RJ12/RS232, and a serial port for expansion and future capabilities.
  • Simple Software Upgrades and Operator-Specific Settings
    • Software upgrades and operator-specific pricing and feature settings can be easily managed using portable SD or MMC Flash Memory devices. This choice of storage device also allows for potential future storage needs.
  • Future-Ready Connectivity Options
    • RJ12/RS232 facilitates potential future online features, while the serial port offers expansion possibilities for controller boards if required.
  • Standardized and Adjustable Handicap Systems
    • Adhering to the guidelines of leading dart associations, including the National Dart Association, for spot points and spot marks handicapping. Operators can adjust minimum starting scores and maximum awarded marks. Additionally, it includes the standardized American Darters Association Neutralizer® system.
  • User-Friendly Keypad and LCD Menu
    • Backlit LCD and 3-button menu streamline operator setup and statistics reporting. The phone-style keypad offers a pathway to support potential future features requiring alpha-numeric input from players or operators.
  • Automated and Manual Player Change Options
    • Operators can set delay timers for both automatic and manual player changes. The new electronic player change button features no moving parts.
  • Convenient Coin and Currency Door
    • The validator door accommodates a bill acceptor with either a 250-bill or 500-bill stacker. Additionally, the door comes standard with two coin mechanisms.
  • Accessible Cabinet Back with Door
    • Easy access to the keypad, player change, and LCD electronics is provided through the locked door on the back of the cabinet.


  • Dimensions: H Full 86" Folded 45"
  • Base 24" x 24.25"
  • Shipping Weight: 200lbs