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Shelti Foosball Table - Pro Foos III

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Designed for competition play and enjoyed by foosball fans of all skill levels. Proudly made in Bay City, Michigan, USA. The Shelti Pro Foos III is a great addition to any home game room, bar, arcade, dormitory or wherever you want high-paced, action-packed foosball fun.  All Shelti foosball tables feature the materials, construction and durability found in commercial use tables, including; solid-core legs, centerless ground urethane balls and patented Shelti counterbalanced men. 

Choose between the Home Version or Coin Operated Version


  • Divided Cabinet with Complete Base
  • Exterior crafted from High-Pressure "Sovereign Cherry" Laminate
  • No visible cabinet fastenings, resistant to chipping, exhibiting genuine furniture-grade quality
  • Premium Grade 1½" Thick Fiberboard (MDF) Construction on Bushing Walls, Triple-Fastened
  • Secured via screws, dowels, and adhesive welding to maintain structural integrity. MDF offers robustness, weight, and straightness
  • Side Ball Retrieval System
  • Allows for easy ball retrieval from a playing position
  • 1½" Nylon-6 Rod Bushings
  • Long-lasting with inherent lubrication. Rods pivot smoothly on just four points within the bushing, preventing binding when pressure is applied to handles during play.
  • 3-Man Goalie Configuration
  • Facilitates full-field play
  • Rattle Board for Audible Goal Confirmation
  • Generates sound upon goal scoring
  • Double-Wound Spirol Pins
  • Secure men and handles firmly to rods, eliminating slack
  • Octagonal Handles Crafted from Hardwood
  • Stay in play field trim
  • Precisely Sized & Angled Foot
  • Optional 1- Man Goalie kit is available for an additional charge


  • 12 Balls
  • "Super Lube" Rod Oil that is biodegradable and non-toxic 
  • Pin Punch & Rod Support Block
  • Poster that shows the rules
  • Assembly instructions
  • 2 sets of lock keys



L: 55¼

W: 30”

H: 36”

Weight: 252 lbs