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Shelti Pool Table - Bayside

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Crafted in the United States, the Shelti Bayside pool table boasts a unified slate construction, a magnetic separator for cue balls, robust craftsmanship, Championship Mercury cloth, and a timeless design that enhances the ambiance of both residential and commercial game spaces.

Sizes Available: 88” and  93” 

Color Options: Sovereign Cherry or Charcoal Matrix Finish

Your Choice of: DBA (Dollar Bill Acceptor) or Home Version

Features of DBA & Home Version

Table Construction:

  • Constructed with precision to ensure a snug fit between the side and end aprons, top rails, and zinc die-cast corners, enhancing the cabinet's structural integrity and promoting better ball response.

MDF Rails:

  • Utilizes MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) top rails for their straightness and density properties, facilitating accurate and resilient gameplay.

Anodized Aluminum Rail Trim:

  • Features full-coverage anodized aluminum rail trim with fasteners positioned under the rail to minimize clothing snags and contact.

One-Piece Slate:

  • Engineered with a one-piece slate, meticulously measured and ground to maintain flatness within 10/1,000ths of an inch, ensuring a true ball roll.

Pro-Am Cushion Rubber:

  • Affixed with bolts featuring plastic shoulder washers to precisely position the cushion rail at the optimal play height, delivering exceptional ball rebound and rail accuracy.

Ball Return Chutes:

  • Equipped with enlarged chalk openings in all six arms and three in the center return, facilitating chalk passage at various angles and reducing the need for service calls.

Regulation Size Play Areas:

  • Offers regulation size play areas with dimensions tailored to optimize bank shots, featuring twice the "nose-to-nose" length of the width for consistent pocketing accuracy.

High-Impact Molded Legs:

  • Crafted from high-impact plastic resins reinforced with fiberglass, the legs overlap the aprons, enhancing both the appearance and strength of the table.

Championship Mercury Ultra Cloth:

  • Adorns the playing surface, featuring a 19-ounce blend of 75% wool and 25% nylon fabric, meticulously shaved and finished to replicate the speed and performance of worsted cloth.

Included Accessories:

  • Comes with a leg box containing 12 leg bolts and warranty registration, along with an accessory kit comprising balls, cues, chalk, and a triangle.


DBA Operated Unit Features Only:

Programming Features:

  • Standard Gameplay
  • Time-Based Gameplay
  • Bonus Level Pricing
  • Programmable Happy Hour Pricing—Adjustable by time and day of the week.
  • Free-Play Pricing, Ideal for leagues or promotional events.
  • Speed Pool
  • Game Audits
  • Maximum Cash Limit Setting—Facilitates the management of table occupancy duration, allowing fair access for multiple groups of players.

External Hardware Features:

  • LCD Screen
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Quarter Roll-Down Coin Mechanism
  • Key Switch for Free-Play
  • Steel Door with Lock
  • ICT Bill Acceptor & Stacker

Internal Hardware Features:

  • Universal 12-volt, 18 amp Battery
  • Built-in Battery Charger System with 20-foot Pull-Out Retractable A/C Outlet Cord
  • Digital Meter
  • Efficient Power Usage
  • Sleep Mode for Power Conservation
  • PC Board Battery Backup—Preserves programmed settings in the absence of a connection to the 12-volt battery.

Home Version Features Only:

Magnetic Cue Ball Separator

  • This magnetic tool efficiently divides the cue ball from the rest of the object balls. While the cue ball is directed back to the breaking end of the table, the object balls return to the opposite end.

Cabinet Disassembly for Convenient Transport and Installation

  • The cabinet aprons and top rails can be taken apart, reducing them to two "L"-shaped sections for easier transportation and installation


88 Inch Home Version

  • L: 88 x W: 50.5 x H:32 
  • Weight: 670 lbs

88 Inch DBA Version

  • L: 88 x W: 50.5 x H: 32
  • Weight: 695 lbs
  • Voltage: 120 Volts

93 Inch Home Version

  • L: 93.25 x W: 53.25 x H: 32
  •  Weight: 725 lbs

93 Inch DBA Version

  • L: 93.25 x W: 53.25 x H: 32
  • Weight: 750 lbs
  • Voltage: 120 Volts