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Dynamo Arctic Wind Air Hockey Table For Home

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Valley Dynamo, a renowned name in professional air hockey, presents the Arctic Wind Air Hockey Table. This professional-grade table is a fantastic addition to any home game room. Drawing on decades of experience in Professional Air Hockey, Valley Dynamo has crafted a sleek, affordable, and reliable table. Players of all skill levels will appreciate its high-quality features and sturdy construction.

The Arctic Wind Air Hockey Table, a classic model from one of the leading names in air hockey design, is designed for home use. Its solid construction and rugged durability ensure an exceptional playing experience at an attractive price point. Like all Dynamo tables, it's proudly built in Richland Hills, TX, USA.

Key Features:

  • Supportive leg structures 
  • Scoring beads arranged in an abacus style
  • Sturdy cabinet built for heavy-duty use
  • Enhanced leg supports to stabilize the table during play
  • Ultra-silent high-capacity blower for swift and enjoyable gameplay with minimal noise
  • Aluminum rail system, inspired by coin-operated tables, ensures rapid and precise puck redirection
  • Durable cabinet equipped with a rapid and obstruction-free puck return mechanism
  • Designed to accommodate 2 1/2" air hockey pucks
  • Comes complete with 2 mallets and 2 pucks



  • Dimensions: L 83" x W 43" x H 30"
  • Weight: 270 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: L 86" x W 30" x H 55"
  • Shipping Weight: 320 lbs